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Vintage Car Repairs

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At Crankshaft Rebuilding and Machining, we hold a profound respect for vintage cars and the legacies they represent. With over 35 years of experience in precision engineering, our expert team is dedicated to the meticulous restoration, maintenance, and repair of vintage automobiles. We understand that vintage cars are more than just vehicles—they are invaluable pieces of history that deserve the highest level of care.

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Specialized Services for Vintage Automobiles

Vintage cars possess unique characteristics that require specialized attention and expertise. Our comprehensive service offerings are designed to address the specific needs of vintage car owners:

  • Detailed Engine Restoration: We carefully restore engines to their historical specifications using techniques and materials that replicate those used during their original era.
  • Authentic Body Work: Our bodywork services strive to maintain the integrity of your vehicle’s historical design while ensuring it remains in pristine condition.
  • Custom Part Machining and Fabrication: Finding replacement parts for vintage cars can be challenging. Our skilled technicians can machine and fabricate bespoke parts that meet the unique requirements of your vintage car.
  • Period-Correct Electrical System Upgrades: We update and repair aging electrical systems, enhancing their functionality while maintaining the vintage authenticity of the vehicle.
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Maintaining Automotive History

Our approach to vintage car repair combines traditional craftsmanship with contemporary precision to ensure that each car is restored and maintained to the highest standards:

  • Period-Authentic Restoration: We use era-appropriate methods and materials to perform repairs and restorations, preserving the authenticity of your vintage car.
  • Exquisite Attention to Detail: From achieving the exact shade of paint to ensuring the historical accuracy of every component, our team handles every aspect of your vintage car with care and precision.
  • Proactive Maintenance and Diagnostics: Utilizing modern diagnostic tools, we preempt potential issues to keep your vintage car in optimal condition, ready for the road or show.
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Why Trust Your Vintage Car With Us?

  • Dedicated Expertise in Vintage Cars: Our team not only possesses the necessary skills but also shares a passion for the history and beauty of vintage automobiles.
  • Comprehensive Care: We offer all-encompassing care from minor adjustments to full-scale restorations, ensuring your vintage car looks and runs beautifully.
  • Commitment to Excellence: Every vintage car we service is treated with meticulous attention to ensure quality and customer satisfaction.

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If you’re the custodian of a vintage car and need expert care to preserve its historical value and functionality, reach out to Crankshaft Rebuilding and Machining today. Let us help you maintain your vintage car’s legacy with integrity and expertise.

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