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At Crankshaft Rebuilding and Machining, we understand the critical role that a well-maintained engine block plays in the performance and longevity of your vehicle. Whether you are dealing with a petrol or diesel engine, our experienced staff is equipped to provide a comprehensive suite of services to ensure your engine runs at its best.

Our Engine Block Servicing includes:

  • Cleaning: Complete and thorough cleaning to remove grime, carbon deposits, and old oil, setting a clean foundation for further inspections and repairs.
  • Crack Testing: Utilizing advanced non-destructive techniques, we detect hidden flaws or cracks that could potentially lead to major engine failure.
  • Sonic Testing: Our team uses sonic testing to measure the thickness of the engine block’s walls, which helps in assessing the structural integrity of your engine.
  • Pressure Testing: To ensure that there are no leaks and that the block can withstand operating pressures, we conduct rigorous pressure testing.
  • Boring and Honing (Sunnen SV-10): We use state-of-the-art Sunnen SV-10 equipment for precise boring and honing, enhancing the surface finish and ensuring perfect alignment and size.
  • Torque Plate Fitment: This process involves fitting a torque plate to simulate real-world stresses during machining, which helps in achieving higher accuracy.
  • Alloy Honing and Lapping: Specialized techniques are used to finish alloy engine blocks, which require different handling compared to traditional blocks.
  • Diamond Honing: For superior precision and surface quality, we utilize diamond honing technologies.
  • Cylinder Sleeving: To restore damaged or worn-out cylinders, we expertly install sleeves, returning them to OEM specifications.
  • Lifter Bore Reaming and Bushing: We ream and bush lifter bores to ensure smooth lifter movement and reliable operation.
  • Surface Grinding and Milling: Our technicians perform surface grinding and milling to flatten and smooth the surface, which is critical for proper gasket sealing.
  • O-Ring Installation: We install high-quality o-rings that are crucial for maintaining pressure and preventing leaks.
  • Line Boring and Honing: This service ensures that all bearings are aligned and operate smoothly, prolonging the life of the engine.
  • Main Cap Conversion: We convert main caps to accommodate various bearing sizes or types, tailored to the specific needs of your engine.
  • Diesel Shoulder Boring: Specifically for diesel engines, this technique is used to modify or repair the shoulder area of the cylinder.
  • White Metal Bearing: We provide white metal bearing services, essential for many vintage and performance engines.
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Why Choose Our Engine Block Services?

At Crankshaft Rebuilding and Machining, we bring over 35 years of precision engineering experience to every project. Our team is committed to providing the highest quality service and results, with a focus on customer satisfaction and technical excellence. Using the latest in diagnostic and repair technologies, combined with a thorough understanding of both classic and modern engine systems, we ensure that your engine block repairs are performed to the highest standards.

Interested in learning more about our Engine Block Services or need to schedule a repair? Contact us today—our knowledgeable staff is ready to assist you with any questions and help keep your engine running smoothly.

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